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1 a state of separation between persons or groups
2 the act of isolating something; setting something apart from others [syn: closing off]
3 a feeling of being disliked and alone
4 preference for seclusion or isolation [syn: reclusiveness]
5 (psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which memory of an unacceptable act or impulse is separated from the emotion originally associated with it
6 a country's withdrawal from internal politics; "he opposed a policy of American isolation"

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First as past participle "isolated", from Italian isolato, "secluded", from isola, "island", from Latin insula, "island".



  1. The act of isolating.
  2. The state of being isolated, detached, or separated.


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Jim Crow, X ray, abstraction, alien, alienation, aloneness, aloofness, anonymity, apartheid, apartness, autism, autistic thinking, avoidance mechanism, blame-shifting, blood bank, celibacy, charity ward, clinic, closed meeting, color bar, compensation, confidentiality, confidentialness, consultation room, cordon, cordon sanitaire, cordoning off, decompensation, defense mechanism, delivery room, dereism, dereistic thinking, detachment, disarticulation, disassociation, disconnectedness, disconnection, discontinuity, disengagement, disjointing, disjunction, dislocation, dispensary, displacement, dissociation, disunion, division, divorce, divorcement, emergency, emotional insulation, escape, escape into fantasy, escape mechanism, escapism, ethnocentrism, examining room, exclusiveness, executive session, fantasizing, fantasy, fever ward, flight, foreigner, hospital room, incognito, incoherence, insularity, insulation, intensive care, isolationism, keeping apart, know-nothingism, labor room, laboratory, loneliness, loneness, lonesomeness, luxation, maternity ward, moving apart, narrowness, negativism, nursery, operating room, out-group, outcast, outsider, overcompensation, parochialism, parting, partition, persona non grata, pharmacy, prison ward, privacy, private conference, private room, privatism, privatization, projection, psychotaxis, quarantine, quarantine flag, race hatred, racial segregation, rationalization, recess, reclusion, recovery room, removal, resistance, retirement, retreat, rustication, sanitary cordon, seclusion, secrecy, segmentation, segregation, semi-private room, separateness, separation, separatism, sequestration, single blessedness, snobbishness, sociological adjustive reactions, solitariness, solitude, splendid isolation, stranger, subdivision, sublimation, substitution, subtraction, surgery, therapy, tightness, treatment room, ward, wish-fulfillment fantasy, wishful thinking, withdrawal, xenophobia, yellow flag, yellow jack, zoning
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